Yeshivat Tomchai T'mimim Chabad of Kiryat Gat is the first yeshiva that the Rebbe established in Israel.  The yeshiva includes a number of institutions, including a yeshiva high school as well as junior and senior age yeshivas that all together number more than 500 students.  In addition, there is a kollel, an institute for rabbinical ordination, a center for the dissemination of Judaism and more.  Since the yeshiva's inception 60 years ago, the staff's mindset is shlichut, while at the same time establishing a warm and personal relationship with every student.  We produce Chabad shluchim (emissaries), Rabbis, educators and mashpiim (spiritual guides) of the next generation, doing so with our entire hearts.  The headmaster of the yeshiva is Rabbi Moshe Havlin Shlita, who is also the head Rabbi of the city.

The Warmth of the Torah

As per the Rebbe's instructions, the yeshiva students are diligently studying Torah with authentic Chassidic vitality. The serious atmosphere, the enthusiastic learning in the study hall, the obligation to attend classes, learning tens of pages of the Talmud by heart with its commentaries every year, exemplify what the yeshiva is all about.... putting your entire being with all of your strength into Torah study.  Likewise, the staff of about 70 teachers and spiritual guides urges and encourages them to "grow".  On a similar note, there are 22 private teachers and spiritual guides for the students who urge and encourage them in the study hall.  

From Our Hearts to the City Residents in Diversified Ways

Every week The Yeshiva Students, the "T'mimim", Give Every week the students meet the public with the numerous Mitzvah campaigns, such as putting on tefillin, Torah study, Shabbat parties, putting up mezuzot, preparing boys for their bar-mitzvah, saying kaddish on the day of passing of a loved one, housewarming parties and more.  The students are in touch with the local community and many of them review Torah thoughts in the numerous synagogues throughout the city.  The yeshiva also helps people who are in need, operates a soup kitchen and offers financial support discretely to numerous families and individuals in the community.   

A Heartfelt Connection

One of our main goals, which most exemplifies the yeshiva, is the personal connection between the professional staff and the students.  The staff is always available for every student for whatever subject or matter. When a student feels he can express what's on his mind and  share it with a Rabbi, such as doubts and challenges before him currently and in the future, keep in touch with one's classmates and staff after so many years have passed, we feel that we have really succeeded!                    


Talking From the Heart 

1 The first yeshiva the Rebbe established in Israel

58 years since the establishment of the yeshiva

500 students in the yeshiva high school 

In the junior and senior divisions there are 70 teachers and mashpiim (spiritual guides), as well as 22 private teachers

Over 2,000 people put on tefillin weekly

50 synagogues in which  Torah thoughts are delivered weekly 

Thousands of hours of Torah study done monthly 

About 50 homes have mezuzas put up weekly 

Tens of boys prepare for their bar-mitzvah weekly 

About 80 hot meals are served to the elderly daily

800 children attend rallies every Shabbat   

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